Monday, September 15, 2008

Digital Music Mentor v2.5 Portable

Digital Music Mentor is a software that helps you get the guitar chords and bass tabs for any song. It even shows you how to play the chords! It is so simple to use.

Digital Music Mentor can process any music, from any genre, and reveal the chords and bass tabs more accurately than any other program. Our goal is to provide every customer with the opportunity of playing along with your favourite songs and take your instrumental skills to a higher level!

•Reveal the chords
•Reveal the bass tabs
•Find "hidden" tones
•Slow down

•How to play the chords
•Loop selected sections

Digital Music Mentor is designed to make it easy for you to discover, transcribe, and play along with your digital music-from CD, WMA, MP3 and more.

Easy to use
Digital Music Mentor provides faster access to top activities, such as transcribing, transposing, and playing. You can also build your own layout, choose from a range of transcribing services, and much more.

Get the chords
Digital Music Mentor includes one of the best chord dictionaries. With DMM you can browse and play the chords on the guitar. Useful to beginners and skilled guitarists.

Get more than you need
Digital Music Mentor enables you to get those impossible riffs, solos, and parts by finding the "hidden tones" and/or slowing down without changing the pitch. DMM also makes sure that you always are "up to tune" with the song through finding the pitch.

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